Etiquette & superstition: females on boats


Lest you think I am repeating myself with today’s topic, let me assure you I am not. I have previously discussed etiquette and superstition about ladies on sailboats before, but this is my first etiquette and superstition post about women on boats. Dig the distinction.

ETIQUETTE: On a yacht, the vessel’s colors (flags) are hoisted promptly at 8 AM. The hours before colors are the typical time for men on the yacht to enjoy nude swimming. Therefore, ladies are frequently prohibited from going on deck before 8 AM; there is no such prohibition for women, however.

SUPERSTITION: A woman on board a ship typically angers the sea. Angering the sea is not the goal of most sailors. The only way to get the sea to calm down again is for the woman to take her clothes off, or at least her shirt. The sight of a woman’s bare breast makes the sea all shy and embarrassed and it will leave the boat alone.

Photo by Mr Noded on flickr

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  1. Tidbits I never knew! You are a wealth of fun and information. :)

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