Word of the day for Thursday, September 3rd

You probably know this word already; it’s not that rare a word or anything. I mainly like this word because I always forget its definition. I always think it means “vomit.” It doesn’t.

I’ve been reading a book by this writer who likes putting silly songs in his stories, so I’ve been inspired to write my own little song about this word so I can remember that I always get its definition wrong. It goes like this:

If you think it’s “vomit,”
but it’s not,

Gothic text makerYawp. A yawp is merely a sharp yell or a shriek or a noisy, foolish utterance. So even though it doesn’t mean “vomit,” it is not recommended that you yawp in the workplace.

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  1. “Yop!” is what the little brat yells to save the dust speck in Horton Hears a Who.

    • What is that, when the word you’re saying describes what you’re doing? It’s not an onomotopeia…

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