Word of the day for Tuesday, July 21st

A youngish co-worker got upset yesterday when she looked up the meaning of “whippersnapper,” which is what my freakishly ageless boss and I frequently call this youngish co-worker. I always thought “whippersnapper” meant something along the lines of “brash and thoughtless brilliant youth,” but apparently it’s not as nice as that. All the references I (and said whippersnapper) have found say that it is the name one gives to “an unimportant but offensively presumptuous person, especially a young one.” Ouch! Zing!

But “whippersnapper” is not the Word of the Day today. I choose instead to give the crown to one of its root words from way back in the 17th century:

Glitter Text

Isn’t it more satisfying somehow to call someone a snippersnapper than a mere whippersnapper? What? You say it is? Sure it is. You think you know everything with your smart words. Get off my lawn.

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  1. I love it. If it is okay, I may use this word on my own blog: eVerbosity.wordpress.org. Credit would be given of course.

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