Welcome to the Louvre

I’ve hesitated about making a post about a certain rich repository of storefront art at the corner of Vermont Avenue and Santa Monica Boulevard, because like the Mona Lisa’s nicked elbow at the hands of a Bolivian rock thrower, this place’s masterpiece has been desecrated.

But I’ve rethought my position. The whole place isn’t ruined by this one flaw, and to ignore the entire place is to ignore the other amazing works on display. So let me rectify this and share my favorites with you.

“Oh dear, oh dear,” moaned the harmonica


Still Life with Umbrella, Hot Dog, and Belt


Et Quid Amabo Nisi Quod Aenigma Est?


Cinderella‘s Christmas


Eternal Eye Mittens and the Horror of Pubescence


Oh geez, I can’t keep you here all day. I have so many more favorites. Anyway, this tour has made me think about what art really is, and whether my “it’s been desecrated” judgment about the altered masterpiece depicting the soldier in combat has been made too hastily.


Nope. That’s still bullshit.

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  1. […] in front of my favorite local swap meet store, but all of the store front art was different. The drawings of tricycles and bleach and mittens with eyeballs had been replaced with a mural of cartoon characters. I recognized some of […]

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