Among the lost and found pet notices in my collection is this gem:

I used to think it was funny, because I thought it was made by some kid who left the description very vague in order to increase the chances of acquiring a new pet: “You say your bunny is grey? Well, this bunny is more of a cream color. Sorry. (click) Mom! I don’t think we’re ever going to find the owner of this rabbit. Can’t I keep him?” Ha ha. What a tricky kid.

And then a lost bunny showed up next door at Smoothie’s house, and we realized that keeping the found bunny notice vague was the only way to protect this häschen from becoming hassenpfeffer. If you write “Found rabbit – brown fur and blue eyes” on a sign and somebody calls you saying they lost a rabbit with brown fur and blue eyes, you pretty much have to give them the rabbit, even if they come to pick it up carrying a dutch oven filled with potatoes and onions.

Seeing as nobody has shown up to claim him, this guy may be around the compound for some time. I’m not sure if Smoothie and Nicole have decided on a name yet; they’ve gone through a few so far and have rejected my suggestion of “Stew.” I’m not yet convinced this rabbit is completely harmless, but he does seem like a decent fellow so perhaps I shouldn’t tease him. Of course, maybe he’s a she. It’s kind of hard to tell with rabbits.

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  1. Comments/Update :

    Firstly, I thought Stu was spelled Stu. Oh well.

    Secondingly, They have decided it is a female through a scientific method known as deciding …and named her Peanut.

    Number three is that Miss Peanut chewed through a power cord last night and almost made her own hasslehoffer .. er.. hassenplatter.. you know. Stu. Apparently there was a zapping noise and much frenzied dashing about on the parts of both Peanut and Nicole after which Nicole tried to cut her own finger off with a kitchen knife. That’s the story I heard anyway.

    Love, Benny

    p.s. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmu5sRIizdw

  2. Thanks for the youtube link, and the nightmares, Benny.

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