Curse of the bikini dancers

Some years ago, a beer bar in my neighborhood went out of business and was gutted to make way for a new restaurant. During the remodeling process, a long lost window that had been covered in plywood was revealed:

And the people were amazed. The renovation went on, a fence went up, and the window was replaced with some new glass. It was rumored that the contractor in charge of the renovation had lovingly rescued the go-go dancing girls, relocating them to his office for protection.

But this wasn’t the whole story:

Apparently the girls were not rescued quickly enough, and one was smashed to pieces. And thus began the troubles.

The new restaurant took ages to open; when it did, it was plagued by poor service, unimpressive food, and disproportionate prices. And then some nine months after it opened, the new restaurant was gone. Some said poor management led to its demise, but others came to a more logical conclusion: the place was cursed by the bikini girl who had been destroyed. Whatever the reason, the building has remained empty for some months now.

Recently a banner went up announcing that Michaelangelo’s Ristorante will soon be taking over the space, bringing its menu to a neighborhood starved for pizza (except, of course, for the pizza place a block away, and the other pizza place three blocks away, and then the one down the street at Hyperion and Griffith Park…). Will Michaelangelo’s survive the revenge of the watusi? It will be interesting to see what goes down.

Top photo by DoGoLaCa on flickr; second photo by 7-how-7 on flickr

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  2. Same here Nic.. I hope this will be more better than AB

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