Some observant readers of Fancy Notions may be aware of the category “Bunch Of Baloney.” I started this category in order to mark posts that were complete fabrications, a la the “total bullshit” category on However, I wanted to expand the parameters of this category, so at one point I decided that the category would cover both lies and luncheon meat. I realize that up until now, the latter part of the category has been ignored, so here is my first attempt to remedy that:

Yowza. That is really something. Thanks very much to suicidefood for alerting me to this magical thing. You can order your very own wursthund from the good folks at Fleischerei Pahl if you happen to be in Felixdorf, Austria, but I doubt one of these would ship very well to the US.

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  1. My friend Fern made something like that one time but it was just a hotdog with green olive eyes. Looked more like a sick skinny pecker than any kind of real animal. She’ll call me a shitbreakfast for saying so but it’s true. Sorry Fern.

  2. Holy….

    that thing has “Charles Phoenix” written all over it.

  3. […] guess I haven’t been paying as much attention to the decorative food/lunch meat-as-creature world as much as I used to. Last time I checked in, this […]

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