The treachery of images

We have a new cleaning crew for our office this week. I don’t know why we have such a problem getting a decent cleaning crew, but we do. With the last crew, one morning I found a used coke straw on the toilet paper dispenser in the restroom. Another time I found a big unflushed turd. Maybe they had nothing to do with either incident, but there was just something suspect about that gang.

One crew after another gets fired for knocking over plants or rearranging papers on peoples’ desks or stealing random crap. I myself find that kind of activity funny in a corporate sabotage sort of way, but I don’t think that’s the perpetrators’ intention. It seems more due to apathy than a “stick it to the Man” attitude.

I think if I worked for a cleaning service I’d try to get work cleaning offices rather than deal with peoples’ houses. There’s just way less fungus, less pubic hair, and less pet barf in an office. At least my office.

So anyway, here’s what the new cleaning crew has to say:


Whatever, Magritte. Just try to remember to empty my paper shredder tonight, okay?

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  1. Elizabeth,

    Clearly that is a tip jar and not a trash can. Perhaps if you want your “shredder” emptied “properly” you might cough up a meager gratuity to the hard working folks who stay up late snorting coke and spilling plants. Sheesh.

    Love, Wurzel

    p.s. Does your stapler ever smell funny?

  2. after cleaning something you leave the area, what happens after you leave the area (which means you are NOT THERE TO PATROL WHAT HAPPENS) janitors have NO CONTROL OF.

    I worked at a place where I found a huge crap in the toilet EVERY DAY, one day I was cleaning by the suspect bathroom & out walked a very overweight lady who turned white as a sheet when she saw me.

    Sure enough, there it was, an offending crap UNflushed in the toilet.

    After that, there was no more crap left unflushed again.

    Here’s the thing, **** rolls DOWNHILL, if an upper ranking employee leaves a straw on a toilet roll dispenser “THE JANITOR DID IT”

    if a higher up forgets to flush the toilet it’s “MAN, WHAT’S WRONG WITH THEM JANITORS”

    Ok? it is REAL CONVENIENT to blame the janitor.

    (no, people don’t do things like that….. )

    SO here is the exclamation point:

    WHen your ONLY “PHD” is your Reputation, WHY would someone make mistakes like THAT?

    I mean, your LIVELIHOOD, your existance, your FAMILY is relying on YOU and YOU ALONE to Not forget something stupid chances are YOU DON’T.

    In a nutshell:

    It’s NOT the Janitors.

    Look around at the OTHER slobs around you, what did their DORM ROOM look like when they were getting that impressive document hanging on the wall? Did MOMMY do their laundry for them?
    Did they DRINK until they peuked for four years in a row every night?

    getting the point?

    Thanks & I JUST happened across this & HAD TO leave a comment as I was looking for justice for janitors.

    (and all they seem to have is phone numbers… )

    and yeah, there ARE bad janitors out there, I ain’t one of them.

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