Storefront art – the appropriate pig


I’ve written online about storefront art before, but in case those previous posts disappear, I’ll give you a brief summary: storefront art is a picture painted on a window or wall of a store that transcends its original purpose of selling more tires or carpet or gyros. It is a legitimate work of art.

I’ve been told that Los Angeles storefront art has the most prosaic subject matter in the country, and that you won’t find paintings of bleach bottles on storefronts in other cities. I will have to explore this further. I do know that we have some very mysterious examples of this art in LA; some pieces provide us with absolutely no information as to what is going on inside a particular place of business, and others are pure surrealism.

I picked today’s example because it is the rare example of a store mascot reacting appropriately to the store’s business: here we have a meat market, and the pig on the outside looks worried. Good reaction, pig. I’ve never understood pigs eating ham sandwiches or fish begging for the sweet peace that only a spring water-filled can can bring. Any animal that dumb deserves to be eaten. But this pig here is clearly imploring me not to make him into a BLT. That’s some pig.

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