Rent is too damn high

I just read way too much about Welsh rarebit and I still don’t know why it’s supposed to give you strange dreams. All this reading about it, in fact, is putting me in a mind to eat some. Maybe a blushing bunny will be on the menu tonight. I’ll report back if we wind up on the moon.

Blind date

I was not able to find a Boxing Day cartoon for yesterday* and was too exhausted from the search to post anything, so today you get a super treat. I normally watch any video in its entirety before watching, but this one is over an hour long and for some reason I just can’t wait before sharing it. We’re going to watch it together. Aren’t you excited?

One word of warning: per a comment on YouTube, “At no point did Santa fight the ice cream bunny, the title is actually Santa AND the Ice Cream Bunny, not vs. I know I’m being pedantic but this movie’s given me a headache and I was at least hoping to see Santa fight the ice cream bunny.”

*Okay, I found one Boxing Day cartoon but it was incredibly ugly and in German, and I just couldn’t do that to you. This year’s been hard enough already.

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All the stars just marshmallows in a mug of cocoa

I wish I could replace all the Paul Anka songs in this cartoon with tunes written by pretty much any other Canadian musician. Other than that, this is a decent way to spend 23 minutes the Saturday before Christmas.

What’s in a name?

I just looked up the origin of the name Rudolph and discovered it means “fame wolf.” This cartoon was produced by a guy named Jam Handy, which is a pretty astounding name as well. According to Wikipedia, Jam Handy thought that pockets were a waste of time. I wonder if Jam also felt that filing copyrights was a waste of time, because this cartoon is apparently in the public domain.

The devil in disguise

Bongo, as every little kid knows, you need to get home STAT. There are only 15 more days until Christmas Eve, which means only 15 more days to prove you deserve to be on the “nice” list despite your tail’s appearance to the contrary.

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Butt wait, there’s more

Today’s cartoon features an awful lot of frozen ass gags. It was also made under the Third Reich in Germany. I’m trying to think of a correlation but am not immediately finding one. Anyway, despite its origins it is a charming little film.

Just a raccoon that cain’t say no

Benny’s mother in Oklahoma passed by this sign the other day:

She asked him if he thought she should go looking for it. He said that didn’t sound like a very good idea to him.

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Put away the colander, check the calendar

It’s now after Thanksgiving, so even the holiday sticklers should be okay with Christmas prep by now. I’m not feeling quite ready yet for a Christmas cartoon, but a winter cartoon sounds good right about now. Technically we have a few weeks to go, but it feels fine to me.

This cartoon features a handy tip: when you hear that someone is grumpy as a bear when they wake up, it just means that it takes them a full twenty seconds before they are ready to dance a soft shoe number.

Also known as a “fuddle”

Part of me loves Thanksgiving and part of me gets very anxious about it, the latter because it’s very frequently a potluck dinner affair. I never cop out with potlucks by just bringing a bag of chips; I always make an effort to bring something delicious and/or fun.

And that’s where the anxiety comes in. I can’t just bring the dish. I find myself monitoring it to make sure people are trying some. Hoping they are enjoying it. I don’t need raves, I just don’t want to bring home the whole thing and have to eat it all by myself the rest of the week.

So this Thanksgiving is great! The pressure is off. Sure, Benny and I are going to have to make the entire meal ourselves, but when we do, there isn’t going to be a whole roomful of people critiquing the brussels sprouts. We can really let loose and experiment.

One thing I’ve always been intrigued by is a savory gelatin salad. Should I try one this year? Brian Downey a/k/a FalconBowse just gave me a fantastic/terrible idea:

Go to his Instagram to see it jiggle.

Hm. The colors here really pop, but I’m thinking more of a tomato aspic. If it doesn’t taste good, we can just hollow it out a bit and wear it for the family Zoom meeting and make everyone feel better about not having us over this year.

Clam juice toast

Maybe it’s just 2020 talking, but I think the Colonel should have stuck with the bubonic plague ruse. He could have stayed home with Maggie Belle and watched TV. Some of those programs looked excellent.

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