Polyphonic spree

I couldn’t figure out why Oom Papa here was so opposed to Junior playing Dixieland in 1950 – a style so happy and family-friendly that Disney theme parks employ roving combos to liven up the atmosphere. Then I read the wiki about the style and found the answer in the second paragraph:

“…the movement included elements of the Chicago style that developed during the 1920s, such as the use of a string bass instead of a tuba, and chordal instruments, in addition to the original format of the New Orleans style. “

Papa resents being replaced by Tiny, in other words.

Chill out, Papa. Miles Davis is going to use a tuba on Birth Of The Cool in a few years and you’ll get your status back.

Juvenile & humorous

I know, I know. Another ’80s cartoon based on a greeting card and toy franchise. Just give this one a chance. If you’re not won over after seeing the Purple Pieman and hearing the theme song by Flo & Eddie (lyrics by a former writer for Jack Benny and Studio One), I guess you can turn it off. We can’t agree on everything.

Like a feather in the wind

I’d seen the thumbnail for this cartoon a few times before, and always assumed it was some Musicians of Bremen thing. It was only when I went down a… err… rabbit hole after reading something about plagiarized cartoon squirrels that I realized there was a lot more going on here. The fate of the world is apparently in the hands of a sexy bunny, an intellectual horse and an aria-singing duck with a bowl haircut. Lord, have mercy on us all.

The burping bedpost

I was listening to a podcast yesterday where the host kept pronouncing bassoon “BASS-oon” instead of “buh-SOON” and it really tripped me up. The podcast is about goings-on in the host’s neighborhood, and it’s pretty apparent that everybody in the host’s neighborhood doesn’t like him very much. Well, apparent to everybody except the host.

Anyway, I used to be on the host’s side in terms of many of the petty disputes he was describing, but hearing him pronounce “bassoon” like that is making me rethink everything. This animation doesn’t have anything to do with that podcast, but there is a bassoon playing throughout the entirety of it. God, I wonder if he calls flute players “flautists.” Ugh.

Articles of dissolution

I’ve been doing my neighborhood walks again more regularly, and was all about to post this really kind of nice and minimalist notice I saw yesterday

when this absolute nuclear bomb appeared out of nowhere:

It’s fake, but damn, I appreciate the attention to detail. The layout. The advice to Michael. The pushpins. Also, this wasn’t on a busy street, and there isn’t a QR code that will take me to a Go Fund Me for a terrible indie film. This was done for the pure love of the sport. I tip my sock to you, sir.


The first year that I really remember Easter baskets I remember that my brother got the Sammy Davis, Jr. “Now” album in his basket, and boy, was that a great album. “MacArthur Park,” “Theme from ‘Shaft’,” “The Candy Man”… just hit after hit.

This old ABC special probably doesn’t qualify as an Easter cartoon if you’re being strict about it, but it does have a rabbit and an egg and Sammy Davis, Jr. so that’s good enough for me.

The old soft shoe

Or maybe those are

buffing mitts? I was hoping to see a whole series of photos but I only found two. It’s a well-known fact that watching a dog wash a car is a surefire cure for depression, so I hope this person gets their pup back soon.

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Reverse Mandela Effect

Hm. I grew up in the ’70s, watched a ton of TV (particularly cartoons), was painfully jealous of Tabitha from Bewitched, and somehow I never saw this cartoon special. And what a cartoon special. The world in this is… a family of clowns is the world’s hottest rock ‘n’ roll act, for starters.

Watching this is making me suspicious that it ever really existed before now. Actually, watching it is making me suspicious that someone slipped some LSD into my morning coffee. Either that or the recent heatwave melted all my brain synapses. Is this real? Can you please watch it and tell me if you are seeing the same thing I am?

It’s a bird, it’s a plane

I have never had dreams where I could fly. I used to have dreams where I could jump and hover/float/glide for amazing distances, but never actually fly. I don’t even have dreams where I can hover anymore, though. Maybe I’m not scratching enough itches.


Whoever made this flyer really knew what they were doing. Everything about it just slays me. The exclamation points, the perfectly reasonable misspelling, the idea of a child thinking about a 2-year-old cat that “has been in the family for years,” the P.S…. I probably should have peeked under the photo to see if there was a hand-drawn picture of Judy, but I didn’t want to alter this sweet masterpiece.

Come on. Tell me you aren’t drawn in by the passive voice of the last line. Who will give the reward? For that matter, who will get the reward? I’ve been thinking about this flyer all week.

Go home, Judy! You might get a reward.

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