’tis the season

Twilight is starting to descend during my evening commute. It’s that time of year again. I will do well to remember that there’s always more light than darkness on the Earth. Scientists say so.

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But where’s the protein?

Another cookbook from my friend Julie, another reminder that even the simplest recipes used to be more challenging.

Maybe I’ll just eat some mac and cheese tonight.

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Not based on a Theodore Dreiser play

I think we still have one more week of official summer, and I’m clinging to it because the autumn brigade is being really aggressive this year. Halloween ads in August, pumpkin spice everything, talks of coziness and nesting. I like all those things (actually, no on the pumpkin spice everything), but it’s still in the mid-90s in terms of temperature where I am and it’s really not going to change soon. All theories of seasonal adjustment aside, just give me this one more week without your cinnamon brooms and I’ll shut up. Stop looking forward and enjoy the moment.

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Etiquette & superstition: aquatic activities on Friday

Here we are, the high holy day of Western superstition. I have covered 13 previously, so let’s move to the Friday part of the equation. Particularly doing stuff in or with water on Fridays.

ETIQUETTE: If you’re on a long cruise, you should do your tipping to the various stewards on Friday evenings, except for the bartender, who should be tipped as per your normal bar custom.

SUPERSTITION: Never set sail on a Friday. One of the reasons given is that Noah’s ark set sail on Friday, but that doesn’t make any sense. The only humans who survived were those that set sail that Friday, right? And all this is assuming that there were Fridays back then. Go ahead and sail on a Friday, I guess.

But don’t wash anything on Friday, including yourself. Taking a bath on Friday will make you sick. Washing clothes? Jesus himself put a curse on anybody who washed their clothes on Friday, because apparently some washerwoman waved a wet rag in his face on his way to the cross, and that got him really mad. And don’t wash blankets on Friday either, because they will dry too quickly and that’s a bad thing for some reason. Also you will have either sleeplessness or bad dreams.

One thing you can do on a Friday is go fishing, at least on Good Friday. It’s a very good day for fishing. And if you want to make sure you don’t get in a shipwreck, bring onboard a roll or bun that was baked on Good Friday. Maybe Noah and his family brought Good Friday rolls onto the ark and that’s why they survived the bad luck Friday sailing omen. Wait – that doesn’t make any sense. Is it me, or is the Bible confusing?

Cropped image of TGI Friday’s by Mike Mozart on Flickr

One of those days

Even an off-registration picture is worth a lot of words. Maybe not a thousand, but a lot.

I’m not sure who I am in this picture, other than I’m pretty sure it’s not the Buddha.

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Sis boom bah

Benny’s daughter is starting college in a few days. It’s probably too hot for a raccoon coat right now, but I hope she’s packing her ukulele. You never know when an impromptu jam session is going to break out in geography class.

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Beast of burden

I can’t tell if the artist who rendered this mule in Lone Pine

was laboring too much or not enough. The mules sure did a lot of laboring around there back in the day. You can read about their efforts on Mt. Whitney on the Mule Museum website.

Have a relaxing time and take the easy way today, everybody.

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Last glass of licker

This morning I woke up and thought that I wanted to post a cartoon with sound and color. These mice changed my mind on that pretty quickly.

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Un chien on the loose

Monday was either National Dog Day or International Dog Day, but it came on the heels of some rather sad news about our favorite local French restaurant getting ready to close its doors or downsize or some such thing, so seeing all the cute canine posts was somewhat bittersweet. You see, not only is the local French restaurant a great place to relax near a fireplace with a glass of wine and some fries with mayo, but it’s also the home of one of my favorite dogs. And I don’t know what’s going to happen to him if they tear down the building.

Here’s the dog in question:

He’s in the hallway between the bar and the restroom. Do you think they’ll let me adopt him?

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She sighed, “Adventure…”

Oh boy, do I wish I could live in this cartoon. Maybe not in the shoe in this cartoon, but in this cartoon. Something about the colors and the ability to do anything and the absence of meanness. Even the antagonist bird is just trying to get something to eat. What do you think?

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