Another sighting of frogs’ teeth

I was just reading that some frogs are “re-evolving” and getting teeth in their lower jaw. I only see upper teeth on Flip and his girl here, but maybe that’s because it’s an old cartoon and they hadn’t started re-evolving yet.

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Etiquette & superstition: mourning gloves


When I was in marching band in high school, we had to wear white gloves as part of our uniform but they were not provided by the school. Our band director talked to a local funeral parlor director about it, and the latter agreed to provide white pallbearer gloves to anybody who needed them. All we had to do was pick them up. For some reason this was a really scary thing for us teenagers to do – go to a funeral parlor to ask for gloves – and my friend and I had to go do it together. They really didn’t think it was that big of a deal at the funeral parlor, and we got our gloves. That’s about it. I noticed while doing an image search for this post that pallbearers don’t seem to wear gloves anymore. I wonder where kids in high school marching bands get their gloves now.

ETIQUETTE: If you go back in time to the mid-1800s and find yourself at a funeral, you are going to need some gloves to wear. Wear white gloves if the funeral is for an unmarried person, particularly a child, and wear black gloves at the funeral of a married person (including a widow or widower).

SUPERSTITION: If you touch an occupied casket with your bare hands, the soul of the deceased will enter your body. Wearing gloves will protect you from said occupation.

When a baptized unmarried woman dies, it is understood that she will be wedded to God in the afterlife. You need to make a maiden’s garland for the funeral/wedding, and that garland will consist of a white paper crown, white gloves (real or made of paper), and other ornaments such as ribbons, eggshells, and poems written on slips of paper. Maiden’s garlands are not only for dead young ladies, but older unmarried gentlewomen as well, and in some parishes unmarried fellows get them too.

Photo of Miro‘s The White Glove by John Weiss on Flickr

Scenes from childhood

I worked at a music publishing company for a long time, and while it wasn’t much like this cartoon, there were a couple of similarities. We published a lot of pop songs that were based on classical pieces and folk tunes, but the difference was the writers didn’t try to hide the songs’ origins. If Krazy had just called his tune “Hot Daydream,” I don’t think the ghost of Schumann would have been so quick to torture him with the piano typewriter here. Art builds on the past, and as long as that general framework is acknowledged, I think we’re good. What do you think?

Otto Homme

All week I have seen this van parked outside of the Lycée International of Los Angeles.

I’m not sure if this belongs to the music teacher or the school bus driver, but either way I think this must be an awesome school to go to.

Oh hey! Turns out the school has a few reviews online. Amani doesn’t say anything about the van, but: “I have been coming to this school since preK and I am in 6th grade this is the best school ever. There are a lot of friendly people and if you think of sending your child to this school it is a great idea. Bye.”


Leave well enough alone

A friend and I were talking about a certain building in Hollywood that has been taken over by new developers. While I’m not normally on the side of Hollywood developers (change my mind), I commented that the building was ugly and not special and I didn’t see what the big deal was. Friend replied, “…  here’s to saving ugly!!!  There’s too much pretty in the world.  Fuck that.”

And while I don’t think the building in question even merits “ugly” status, I do think my friend has a point and this cartoon is dedicated to him. Thanks, friend.

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Good evening, friends

This cartoon is making me want to play my trombone and also get some polka-dot underpants.

Technicolor hen fruit

Wow – this one gets hardcore quick.

and I’m not sure why an official WB YouTube account would cut off the beginning and the end of the cartoon, but I was able to find the missing parts elsewhere. Sort of. I’m not sure.

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Might be a Ministry fan

This front yard might not look unusual to you if you are reading an archived copy of this post in, say, October:

but bear in mind that I took these photos yesterday, April 16th.

Maybe it’s some “Christ rising from the dead” display in honor of Easter on Sunday. My bible knowledge seems to be a little rusty; what part had the giant smiling worm and Pokemon bellsprouts?


Are you here?

Spring technically came a few weeks ago, but I’m not sure it’s really here yet. Eighty degrees one day, rain and wind the next. It’s like a toddler out there.

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Etiquette & superstition: open door policy

Today’s post was inspired by a comment I was annoyed by on a community website today: “A man wants to rush up from behind and jump in front of you to open the door when your fingers are millimeters away from the handle ‘to be a gentleman’? He gets to whether you want it or not. And when you call them out on it you’re labeled as a crazy bitch.” 

This particular site can be the social media version of Lisa Simpson at times (i.e. woker than thou, humorless), so there was no way I was going to tell this crazy bitch to calm down and accept a kindness even if it came from some wannabe chevalier expecting a big pat on the back. At least not there.

ETIQUETTE: If you are physically able to do so, hold the door open for others when you are the first to approach a door. This is a gender-neutral rule. If the door pushes open, go through first. If the door pulls open, let others enter first as you are holding it.

Don’t be weird about it, though. Don’t hold the door open for a person if they are so far away that they will feel compelled to hurry up in order to not make you wait. Give extra consideration for those burdened with children, packages or mobility issues.

If you are the recipient of a held-open door, thank the person holding the door. If a stranger has unwittingly held the door open for what is turning into a steady stream of people, be good and take over for them.

SUPERSTITION: Don’t leave doors open when leaving the house, the exception being the door of a bride’s home while she is at the church. Doors should be opened if a woman is giving birth in the home, in order to give the baby easy passage into the world. Doors should also be opened in the house of a dying person to give them easy passage into the next world. A church doorknob rattling at night portends an imminent death.

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