Love set

It’s been a tough week and I don’t feel like sifting through a bunch of cartoons to find one that doesn’t have casual racism or toxic masculinity or just simple meanness. Here’s a short bit from Len Lye’s “Rainbow Dance” set to music from another one of his films. I’m going to listen to this music for the rest of the day maybe.

New Zoo. Review

I got tired of watching old cartoons this morning that were really awesome until about three-four minutes in, when they had to add some weird racist caricatures for some reason. Sometimes I post cartoons like that anyway, with a link to a good essay about that sort of stuff, but I am just not in the mood to do that today.

So here’s a pretty new cartoon. It’s short but it’s good. Turn it up loud and have a better day.

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Etiquette & superstition: Valentine’s Day birds and flowers

Ugh. Maybe this day isn’t hard for some people. It sure seems hard for adults in relationships, adults not in relationships, adults maybe in relationships, kids that are popular, kids that aren’t popular, misanthropes, optimists, waitstaff, teachers. Maybe it’s a good day for pets or something.

It should be a nice holiday celebrating a really important thing that everybody needs in some form or other, but it sure gets hung up on a lot of stuff. Take a deep breath. Love yourself. Eat some candy and watch a slasher movie or something.

ETIQUETTE: Flowers are nice. If you work in an office and you receive a gift of flowers, don’t march around the office with them as if you were some New Year’s Day parade. You already got flowers. Why do you need everybody to know you got flowers?

If you work in an office and you have not received any flowers, don’t audibly grumble about corporate guiltmongers creating an environment of conspicuous consumption. Gee, I wonder why you didn’t get any flowers, Sunshine?

SUPERSTITION: If you see a squirrel first thing Valentine’s Day morning, you’re going to marry a cheapskate. If the first bird you see on Valentine’s Day is a woodpecker, you will never marry. If you see an owl first, you will marry but your spouse will die soon afterwards. Keep your eye out early in the day for a bluebird, a dove, or a sparrow if you want a happy life with a good-hearted person.

Scan of vintage valentine by RoniJJ on Flickr

This year’s model

Have you heard of the latest technology? Wireless fidelity, and you don’t even need a hotspot.

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Most irregular

I actually like prunes, and I understand that this is a marketing film for the California prune board, but six or seven a day seems excessive. Were Americans in the ’50s eating insulating foam sealant?


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Word of the day for Thursday, February 1st

I was listening to a somewhat boring audio book recently, and I finally had to give up on it, but I’m glad I didn’t give up on it before I heard the refined lady soberly enunciate

“absquatulate.” Absquatulate comes from trying to make “do the opposite of squat” into a faux-Latin word, the latter being something of an 1800s fad. Beat it, scoot, scram, skedaddle, beat feet, hightail it, vamoose. Thank you for the new word, refined boring lady, but shoo.

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Old World, old news

You know, when more than 50 guinea baboons escape from their enclosure at the Paris Zoo and the the news stories quote zoo officials saying, “They’re stronger than us,” you think you might be able to find a follow-up story some days later that says something more reassuring than “By Friday afternoon, all except four of the baboons had been reportedly captured and returned to their enclosure.” But here we are four days after the event and all I can find is a brief message on the zoo website indicating that they re-opened on Sunday.

Did they find those four other baboons? Or did those last guys escape to parts unknown

and the media decided we’re just too bored with the story now because the initial event happened nearly a week ago? I don’t know about you, but I’m still pretty interested.

(Yes, I know that’s a cartoon chimp, not a cartoon baboon. Kindly take your corrections elsewhere, friend.)



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What did the big acorn say to the little acorn, part 2

I don’t know if I’m feeling major key or minor key today, but I’m definitely feeling geometry, so you get two retro computer graphics animations this morning.

There will not be a quiz on this later.

Via Open Culture

Randyland, Randyland

There’s a place called Randyland that is very close to where I live. It’s one of those places where you can’t take a proper photo of it. Well, maybe you can. I can’t. And of course I tried.

These were taken around 3:30-4 pm at the end of December. Randy of Randyland told us that it looks different at different times of the year, from different vantage points and of course at different parts of the day.

Same time, same time of year. That’s Randy in the lower left corner. I still can’t get a decent photo of this thing. It’s huge. Those are not 12-ounce bottles up there. The thing in the middle of that eye up there is a glass vessel the size and shape of a human head.

Right now the whole thing is kind of a Virgin de Guadalupe with a huge eye next to it, but Randy noted that it’s always changing. It’s been about 17 different things in the past 20 years.

Ugh. My photos. So inadequate. Go here and here for better pictures and a better sense of scale, preferably while listening to “Happyland” by Harpers Bizarre (written by Randy Newman). Then keep an eye out for a scheduled tour, or bug Randy yourself for a private showing. It’s viewable from the street, but so much better when you can see the thousand bottled little suns from their proper vantage point.

Poe tay toe salad

Ladies, remember: listening to your emotions will make you fat. Or a nazi.

Wait – that’s a terrible message.

Oh, wait again – boredom isn’t an emotion.

Ladies, being bored will make you fat. Or a nazi.


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