Fizzle and Tootso

I was looking at the filmography of Thunderbirds Are GO creator Gerry Anderson, and came across The Adventures Of Twizzle, which was described on IMDB thusly: “The adventures of a male doll who is able to extend his legs and arms.” That didn’t sound like much of a winner, but it ran for fifty-two episodes and apparently had its fans, if I am to take seekingred’s comment of “BRING BACK TWIZZLE… TWIZZLE RULES” seriously. And then there’s another commenter who claims to have an entire Twizzle room in his/her house filled with Twizzle memorabilia. Hm. Maybe we should take a look at the only surviving episode.

I’m not sold.

A brief jaunt

Oh hey – I forgot to post photos from me’n’Benny’s recent short trip. Can you guess where we went?



She knocks me out

Wow. Initially I was just going to post the second cartoon here, but when researching it I saw that it was marked as possibly using footage from this first cartoon here THAT YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST WATCH:

That was pretty racy, no? I guess it was so racy that they decided to re-use a lot of the elements in a toned-down version with a different story in this one eight years later:

If anybody asks you about the Hays Code that the motion picture industry agreed to adhere to in the middle third of the last century, you can point them to these two cartoons. Note that the depictions of bare butts and guns are removed, but a sort of Electra complex thing springs up in the “safe” cartoon which is a-okay. Because of the confusing scene at the beginning between himself and his daughter, I was so very, very relieved that Dad here didn’t fight the young suitor for the chance to be beat up.

So thanks, Will Hays and Joseph Breen and all you weird screwed up prudes. Without you, I might never have seen a giant bird try to feed an elephant to her babies.

Tootsy wootsy

I guess I should have posted this cartoon closer to June 21st, but better late than never. As with last week’s cartoon, this one features a turtle with a  souped-up shell. There’s also the old favorite “running through a door making a hole shaped like someone with their arms flailing about,” a sing-along and some skunk fun. Enjoy.

I don’t know what’s in the bulb

I think someone is giving sidewalk chalk to grass/poison Pokemon.


I can’t read all of your message, Bulbasaur, but I am a little concerned by what I can read here. Don’t cut again!

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Fanfare for the turtle man

This cartoon takes a little while to rev up, but give it a chance. The diving and tortoise vs. hare portions are good, it’s shorter and more entertaining than the real Olympics opening ceremonies this year, and it’s an animal Olympics cartoon that is neither Animalympics nor Laff-a-Lympics.

Island Of Dr. Morose

From various posts on social media and whatnot, it seems that a great deal of my friends are taking tropical jungle island vacations. Even Benny is off someplace chasing/getting chased by monkeys. Well, there may not be any monkeys around me but it’s pretty humid and I just discovered these guys


a block away from where we go to vote, so I’m okay. Seriously, the telephone pole here


runs wires up to my street. And actually, if I had waited around long enough I probably would have run into some monkeys because I noticed that these monuments are a designated Pokemon Go pokestop. Monkeys or zombies.

I didn’t stick around though, because 1) that skull on a stick,


2) I already saw some zombies playing Pokemon at the old zoo the other night that were kind of scary even when I was with a group of friends, and this time I was alone, and 3) the occupant of the house was lurking about, using a leafblower in sort of a menacing manner when he spotted me eyeing the additional moai head in the driveway. I thought it best to scoot before this turned into a Most Dangerous Game or Spawn Of The Subhuman situation.

I love Olive

Maybe posting this is going to encourage terrible comments. I hope not. I just spent too much time looking at one-star reviews on Yelp and I am not feeling great about people’s opinions right now.

Today’s cartoon shouldn’t be taken either as a rah rah endorsement nor a ha ha dismissal of Ms. Clinton. I’m just posting this because my friend Kelleypie reminded me of this cartoon earlier in the week and I haven’t been able to get this song out of my head since then. I’m With Olive Oyl!

Fire, fire

Right now something called the Sand Fire is raging up in Santa Clarita and the sky here some thirty miles away is filled with smoke and ash and the sun looks like an angry red eye. Sand Fire. Not as good a name as the recent Witch Fire and Fish Fire, but still quite dramatic. Coming up with the names for the big brush fires we have down here would be a job I would enjoy, I think. Stay safe, everyone.

Thanks for that crazy fire timelapse video, Amanda Cole!

Something funny happened on the way to the wiki

I was going to wait until the end of this six-month consulting gig to list all the new stray tidbits of information I’ve picked up while doing my work research, but the list was already getting long and weird and I couldn’t tell if any of it was interesting to anybody besides me. So to commemorate the halfway point of this gig, I present to you a relatively short list of the flotsam thus far:

  • Marie Antoinette popularized “For He’s A Jolly Good Fellow” after she heard a maid singing it.
  • Retta (Donna from Parks & Rec)’s aunt won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2011 and is the president of Liberia
  • The six-note “Charge!” you hear at many sporting events was written in the ’40s by a drum major at USC who was also the football team’s placekicker. When he was called in to kick a field goal, he would run down from the bleachers and make his kick still wearing his drum major hat.
  • In Croatia, the “nanny, nanny, boo boo, ha ha on you-hoo” taunt has different words and is translated as: “Catch me, catch me, (if you do that) I’ll buy you a newspaper. Newspapers are expensive, kiss my tushie.”
  • Andre The Giant played the Sasquatch on the Six Million Dollar Man.
  • John Wayne lost his college football scholarship after getting injured in a bodysurfing mishap.
  • Midnattsloppet is not me drunkenly eating fried chicken in bed but a 10k nighttime race held every August in Stockholm, Sweden
  • Hans J. Salter, the composer who wrote the score for classic monster films Ghost Of Frankenstein, House Of Frankenstein, and Son Of Dracula studied composition under Alban Berg of the Second Viennese School… and
  • Alban Berg died from an insect sting.
  • Vivian Vance (Ethel Mertz from I Love Lucy) was godmother to the Lovin’ Spoonful‘s John Sebastian.

Impress your friends! Bore your loved ones! More tidbits to come unless I drown in this stuff.


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