Don’t look now

I was taking a walk the other day along the canals of Venice

admiring the chateaux

and whatnot

when I turned a corner and suddenly spied an unusual building.

Unusual and a bit… sinister?

Yes, definitely a bit sinister.

I decided I should probably turn around the way I came, but just then a flash appeared and something that looked an awful lot like an archangel – is that Uriel? Azrael? – alit on the roof, sword aloft.

I tried to run, but things got so dark and strange

that I have no idea how I eventually made my way back to safety. It’s possible that this guy saved me,

but he’s not talking.

Snowy mountain breakdown

Yesterday I stumbled across a – shall we say – rather thorough shot-by-shot analysis of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, and I have to say that it nagged at me a bit. Yes, it reminded me that I would never cut it if I wanted to go and get a film critical studies degree, but on the other hand I kept noticing a blind spot.

If you thought the theories in Room 237 were wild, your mind will boggle at the sheer volume of references noted by this author. The Roadrunner, kitchen safety posters, Nietzsche, Playgirl magazine, Alex Colville, Shakespeare, French doors, the four seasons, Edomite kings, legs of lamb, blackboards, dart boards, lightbulbs, Clint Eastwood, The Flying Dutchman… and yet she misses one.

When talking to the pediatrician early in the movie, Wendy Torrance is wearing not one but two union suits. Two union suits. You know who else wore two union suits? Farmer Al Falfa in this cartoon, that’s who. And I hardly have to tell you what that signifies, right?

Yeah, actually I got nothing either.

Modernisme 90210

I had a little time between work meetings today, and because I’ve always found the fluid designs of Gaudi* to be quite invigorating, I decided to take my lunch break in Barcelona**.

Just amazing to me that he could take something like the exposed roots of a tree situated on a property

and echo it in the lines of the architecture.

With all of the organic elements

one nearly forgets that this is actually a dwelling of some sort.

Until Trash Day, that is.

*much better photos and actual helpful information about The O’Neill House can be found on

**pronounced “bevərli ˈhɪlz”

Wolf spider

If you’ve ever wondered about the specifics in regards to a spider wearing pants, this cartoon is for you. I think it’s a spider, anyway. He only appears to have six legs but maybe he’s one of those ant-mimicking spiders. An awfully big ant-mimicking spider. Either that or the bats are very small. And the giraffes. And the cheetahs. And the elephants. Yeah, let’s go with big ant-mimicking spider. Big ant-mimicking uxoricidal spider. With a castle. The world in this cartoon is really something.

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Motel Heck

Earlier today a friend of Benny’s asked him for some ideas for a fun kids’ Halloween party. Now, you may recall that some time ago I consulted a card file of activities for just such an event. Unfortunately, back then I couldn’t find the master table of contents for the activity instructions and was left somewhat confused about what this one game Peanut Lag was supposed to be, so I wound up giving up on the whole party idea.

Well, at some point later today I finally found the table of contents for the card file, and there are a whole bunch of games here that sound pretty good that weren’t even listed on the plan for Halloween.

By the time I found the table of contents, however, Benny had already come up with his own ideas for activities/refreshments for a fun kids’ Halloween party. This is kind of a PG-rated blog so I might have to edit some of these descriptions from the original, but hopefully you’ll get the idea:

  • Tie a turkey neck to the oldest boy’s bathing suit area. Call him Carl and have him serve drinks to the ladies
  • Cover the hallway floor in ground beef. Cover that with clear plastic and dish soap. Slip-n-Slide!
  • DO NOT HAVE ANY CLOWNS. Enough people already think they need to pretend to be afraid of clowns. Hire a terrifying pony instead
  • Get a bounce house. Write “ORGY DOME” on the side in “fake blood”. (Fake blood is any real blood that isn’t “technically” human)
  • Fear Pong
  • Closet Goose
  • Difficult Cheese. Difficult Cheese is just new labels on cans of orange spray paint. They go next to the “crackers”
  • Lunch Creep
  • Pin The Tail On Heather’s Hot Mom
  • Chicken Bone Challenge
  • Barebottom Hayride
  • Facepainting

Benny’s friend wrote back “thanks” but we haven’t heard anything further. Maybe we need to have our own party.


I don’t think this is necessarily going to clear up any questions about last week’s devil puppet post, but it does show that clip in context of the entire film. It’s actually rather amazing, and I hope you can set aside 25 minutes to watch the whole thing.

The master and martinis

October has come again, which means that it’s time for scary puppet animation. Is this supposed to be an anti-drinking PSA? I’m not sure about the mutual destruction game the glasses and pitcher are engaged in, and some of the celebrants need to learn about personal boundaries, but otherwise this seems like an okay party.

Positive negative

My friend Dave found this gem of a found cat notice.

While some might question Dana’s decision to draw a white cat with a black crayon, I think I understand it and admire the gusto with which it was done. I do have a different question, however: I think the line at the bottom says “kitten boy” rather than “litter box” or “kitten box” or “kitter box,” but is that referring to the feline or to Dana, à la “Kitten Boy rescued another kitten”?

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UTI (ukulele trombone improv)

Okay, there’s no ukulele in this cartoon but there are plenty of other instruments. It’s good to see the kids back in school and getting a little something beyond a straight STEM curriculum.

Crypto current sea

Aw, man. The LA River sucks. I can’t even believe they call it a river. Dumb concrete channel doesn’t even get wet unless it rains, which it never does. I mean, how can it be a river if people can race cars on it? How can it be a river if people film WWI battleground scenes and giant mutant ant attacks in it? Can people ride a boat on it? Can they fish? Is there even any wildlife that lives there? Why do they even bother having bridges over it?


What’s that?

Fine. Maybe the LA River doesn’t totally suck.

Thanks for all of your magic, SC Mero!

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