Come again some other day

The rain has finally stopped here for a moment. I am thinking that I should go out in the yard to see if there is a child Phyllis Diller tending to giant pumpkins out there. Just a sec –



I suppose an argument could be made that this cartoon is espousing a conservative and humble “Christian values” approach to living, but wouldn’t the stronger argument be that Happy Valley is a model of a socialist utopia? The latter seems inescapable to me, even though this was produced in 1952 when we were getting a lot of “Capitalism vs. Communism: Freedom vs. Oppression” Cold War propaganda cartoons. I never considered Paul Terry to be much of a radical, but maybe I need to read some more.

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Polar vortex

Well, Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow this cold Groundhog Day morning, which means we are going to have an early spring. This is good news for a lot of people, but apparently Phil only has a 39% success rate. We shall see.

In the meantime, keep throwing your frozen pants in the air and blowing bubbles and making water clouds and all that stuff as long as you have a nice warm place to retreat to.

(It seems I posted this a few years ago, but I have yet to find a decent groundhog cartoon…)

We want the gunk

Not sure what’s going on in this picture that Benny found, but it might make sense for you to be suspicious of any authority figures and cultural icons until this gets figured out.

Warped tour

Sorry if the audio on this one makes you seasick, but it’s kind of fitting my mood this morning. I think most of the dialogue in this cartoon was ad-libbed – don’t miss the “Hello, big boy… swing it!” growl from the nice lady.

Spit take

We had an awful lot of rain this past week where I live. At least I hope that was rain.

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Word of the day for Wednesday, January 16th

This company I used to work at once bought some new chairs for the conference room that were a bit of a disaster. The back and sides of these chairs were made out of bungee cord material, and while that made these chairs very comfortable, it also made it hard not to bounce on the chairs while sitting in them. People bouncing in their chairs was not especially conducive to attentiveness in a staff meeting. At some point the conference room got new chairs but the bungee chairs weren’t thrown away, and every once in a while you could see a person bobbing up and down in a cubicle with a satisfied look on their face.

If this company had been in Finland, a person could have pointed to the bobbing worker and said, “Ah, there’s a bit of

hyppytyynytyydytys over there,” and someone else could have said, “Well, that’s not exactly hyppytyynytyydytys, as they are enjoying bouncing on bungee cords; they are not enjoying bouncing on a bouncy cushion,” and the first person could have said, “Yes, you are correct. Want to grab some some lunch? I hear there is a new place with really good cloudberries and squeaky cheese down the street.” At least that is what happens in my mind when you are talking to a work colleague in Finland.


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Roe evade

On New Year’s Eve this year, I went to a party hosted by a very generous Russian lady and her husband. If you ever have a chance to go to a party hosted by a very generous Russian lady, do it. I was excited about the prospect of caviar and borscht, but I wasn’t prepared for the magic of Olivier Salad and Salmon Under Fur. Just the names are magic. Oh geez, I need to stop thinking about them. Or somehow convince the very generous Russian lady and her husband to adopt me. They also had cats and a really nice massage chair and lots of friendly guests. I didn’t even find the caviar and it didn’t matter. It was a good New Year’s Eve.

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The 36th Chamber of Chien


  • Prince Rakeem
  • The RZArector
  • Bobby Steels
  • Ruler Zig-Zag-Zig Allah
  • Prince Delight
  • Abbott
  • Bobby Digital
  • Continental Toy Spaniel



(kind of looks more like ODB to me, but who knows)

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Creepy is in the eye of the beholder

I guess a lot of people luckier than me have been getting a video recommendation on YouTube about a quest to find a lost creepy cartoon from some guy’s childhood. I say “luckier than me” because my recommended videos have been flooded with a character named Emilia Fart ever since I clicked on one of her videos, and I don’t know how much Emilia Fart I’m supposed to consume but apparently it’s a lot more than I’m able to.

Back to this video that’s been recommended to the lucky people. Maybe they’re not so lucky either, because the video that was recommended to them is 23 excruciating minutes long. Maybe I found it excruciating because there is so much hyperbole in the description of the search for this lost cartoon. A fruitless search for the former owners of a foreign cartoon distributor from the ’80s is embellished with “it was as if they vanished,” and so on. A chapter (yes, this thing has chapters) is entitled “False Leads.” Way too much time is spent on explaining the plots of other cartoons and fairy tales that people on the search are conflating with the cartoon in question. And a great deal of this search seems to have been made on 4chan, where everybody is stamping their childhood fever dreams (literally; “I REMEMBER THIS FROM TV WHEN I WAS HOME WITH THE FLU”) as irrefutable fact. I can’t blame anyone for wanting to have a good old fashioned Freak Ourselves Out Klub meeting, but all of this is presented so breathlessly that I couldn’t help rolling my eyes.

Of course, maybe I found it excruciating because I watched the cartoon in question before the “in search of” video, and it’s just not creepy. I know that “creepy” is awfully subjective (I find Sesame Street’s classic opera singing orange somewhat disturbing, if fascinating), but come on. Maybe I’m annoyed because the “in search of” video never addresses the fact that all of the young men describing this cartoon remember the main character as a boy instead of a girl, or maybe I’m annoyed because there is an overproud air of “look what great researchers we are” to this thing that really should not have taken five years to resolve. I don’t know. Have your fun, I guess. I’m just a cranky old person who gets scared by citrus fruits singing Carmen.

If you find “The Search For Clockman” pop up in your recommended videos, allow me to recommend that you skip it and just watch the actual cartoon “About Dressy Sally” instead. Here it is:

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