Think or thwim

Today’s Saturday morning cartoon may be a day late, but thanks to Southwest Airlines I’m a day late to my vacation and I’m still trying to recalibrate. Maybe a leisurely swim will help.

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Maybe I’m a fool

I don’t know, Jiminy. I guess you’re right about the dog paddle being around for a long time, but the “don’t go swimming for two hours after eating” thing is a bunch of bunk. Also, if I find myself at that gorgeous deserted beach anytime soon, I am absolutely going to take a dip. Maybe you should go check on Pinocch and make sure he isn’t waterlogged.

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Do you remember the good old days before the ghost town?

Benny keeps sending me photos from his trip home this evening, and I’m finding a disturbing lack of features in a lot of them.

Notice with "DO NOT CHASE" and a phone number. No image of what not to chase.
One dozen unpainted piñatas
Angel blowing on ghostly figure

Is the world glitching out? Did somebody forget to pay their Photoshop subscription?

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Dieting is for the birds

There are more things to consider than the numbers on the scale.

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O, U R an American

I either read or heard in passing recently something about American spellings of words being adopted after our independence as a way to further distinguish the US and its inhabitants’ writings from the British. Of course, now that I’m trying to find out more I’m only finding brief mentions of this theory.

This led me to think about British accents vs. American accents. I know that there are a number of regional dialects in various countries, but we can all probably categorize whether a native English speaker is from Great Britain or one of its current or former territories. For the most part, at least. And that started me wondering about when and how these various accents sprouted up. I could spend a lot of time researching this, I guess.

But it’s Saturday, and I’m feeling lazy, and all of this is really just a long way of saying I don’t think the accents in this cartoon are historically accurate.

Thanks to Animation Scoop for reminding me of this and other patriotic oddities.

Varmint chip

It was nice to see an ice cream truck the other day. It seems so long since I’ve seen an ice cream truck.

Unlicensed image on an ice cream truck of Yosemite Sam rooting and tooting in front of large popsicles spelling "ICE CREAM"
Unlicensed image on an ice cream truck of Bugs Bunny marveling at a banana split

I’m pretty sure it was even selling ice cream.

A real cock-a-doodle-doo

I can’t believe Christopher didn’t get the picture when his mother served fried chicken. Kid, if you’re going to keep being such a brat you better hope Mom has a generous food budget.

Fun fact in case you’re not a cartoon historian: it’s not a joke – T. Hee was a real writer and animator of some repute. With a name like that I guess you either go into cartoons or junior high sex education.


We got a nice visit from Benny’s daughter this week. No maraca playing, but also no feline reckless drivers, so I think we did pretty well overall.

Love games and sex crimes

There are a lot of buildings marked for demolition in my part of town lately.

Ho – what sayeth that?

I see. When I walked up for a closer look, I swear I heard chickens. I’m not sure if the two are related.

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Cuckoo clock

While it’s true that this short doesn’t turn into a proper cartoon until three minutes in, if you skip over the intro you are going to miss not only kids trying to bash an alarm clock but a very interesting family heirloom.

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