We got some work to do now

Wow. First we lose Shaggy (literally, for a time) and now Skooby Doo is missing. I think there may be a connection.

Who do you think is behind this?


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Word of the day for Monday, September 15th

Math is a lot easier these days. In the past when you wanted to say “2 times 2 times 2 times 2 times 2 times 2 times 2 times 2,” instead of saying “2 to the eighth power,” you had to say, “2

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zenzizenzizenzic.” Okay, maybe math isn’t any easier these days.

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Curse of the condemned cat

Okay, now I see that it’s kind of just a Rorschach blot on this cat’s nose,

but when I looked at this earlier it really seemed like the silhouette of a mouse. And that got me thinking, “Wow, that’s weird. A mouse silhouette on his nose. I wonder if he killed a mouse and the mouse was some kind of magic devil mouse who gave the cat a ‘Whomever shall harm me will wear my image for eternity’ mouse curse sort of thing. And the cat’s name is Thirteen. Good lord, you’re just asking for it by giving a cat the name Thirteen. That’s like giving a dog the name Lucky and not expecting it to be run over by a truck. This cat is so doomed. He probably was just looking for some cat action in the middle of the night and boom – dark alley surrounded by angry mice with their red beady little eyes  set on revenge for their fallen devil mouse leader or whatever. This cat is not coming back.”

And then I looked at the picture again when I uploaded it to my computer, and that mark didn’t look very much like a mouse any more.

Careless whispers

Today’s cartoon is entitled “The Gorilla Mystery.” The only mystery for me was how there could be a gorilla barely taller than a mouse. Well, that and the mystery of Mickey’s unusual whispering voice. I guess this was a pretty mysterious cartoon after all.

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Word of the day for Thursday, September 4th

I don’t usually feature athletes on Fancy Notions, and I don’t usually pick a proper name for the Word of the Day, but this athlete is special so I’m going to break some rules. Today we celebrate

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Potoooooooo! Otherwise known as Pot-8-os, this guy was considered the best racehorse of his time in the late 18th century. The story goes that the his owner told a stable boy to write the horse’s name on a stall door and the kid didn’t know how to spell Potatoes. I for one am very proud of that kid; he could have just chickened out and written Spuds, and then where would we be? We’d be in a world without Potoooooooo, that’s where we’d be.

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Etiquette & superstition: a multitude of spoons

This four foot long spoon attached to a tree outside this house in our neighborhood is puzzling to me. True, I own a four foot long spoon, but I keep it in the kitchen. Maybe this house is the secret hideout of The Tick.

ETIQUETTE: Everybody who complains about utensil etiquette usually complains about the forks. “The forks! There are so many! It’s so hard with the forks!” I wonder about these everybodies sometimes. It’s as if they just sit there staring at the left-hand side of their place settings and never bother to notice the abundance of spoons on the right-hand side, and even above the plate. These everybodies are going to have heart attacks with the spoons if they’re already having trouble with forks.

If you go into the early to mid-20th century etiquette books you are going to see a lot of dissension about spoons. As an example, ’50s edition Emily Post will tell you that tablespoons are a little arrogant to have around the house, but she makes no mention of soup spoons or what one is supposed to eat soup with. Amy Vanderbilt from that era has no problem with tablespoons but really only likes to talk about dessert spoons, unless she is upset about teaspoons showing up where the soup spoon should be (though she makes little mention of the soup spoon itself, relegating it to a few diagrams). The ever-thorough Etiquette Scholar does a very nice job of outlining the 14 types of spoons one may commonly find at a table, though he does not mention the scalloped sugar spoon.

Let’s just make this simple. If you’re at a formal dinner, your soup spoon is going to be to the right of your knife and your dessert spoon is either going to be above your plate or will be provided when dessert is served. They also should be helpful with providing your teaspoon with your tea saucer and/or your coffee spoon with your demitasse service. If anybody looks at you with an “Oh! The Wrong Spoon!” face, it is their fault for providing you with the wrong spoon at the wrong time. Give them a withering “I am doing the best that I can with what I have been provided” face in response and we’re done with that.

SUPERSTITION: Two spoons inadvertently placed in a single cup or saucer signal either an impending wedding, a second wedding, or twins. Spooning gravy backhanded will lead to arguments within the house.

They didn’t know where they was going but they knew where they was

Today’s cartoon features Lord Buckley – a hipster when hipster meant something – as the voice of Go Man Van Gogh. Park your peepers on this for just a sec; it ain’t no Sunday afternoon flip, dad.

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Intergalactic House Of Flapjack

I know I’ve been posting a lot of lost pet notices lately, and I promise that I’m not going to turn the site into a lost pet notice repository. But this cat here. His name is Flapjack. He’s wearing a bowtie.

And I’m supposed to call Venus if I find him.

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He’s no Brando

Call me cruel, but if this means no White Girls 2, I’m all for maintaining this situation as-is.


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Not in Kansas, etcetera, etcetera

I have a feeling nobody is going to understand this reference, but in my afternoon walk today I stumbled upon Bunnybury – a place where rabbits rule.

There were other inhabitants there, to be sure. I hadn’t expected the armed guard to look like they did

and I’m not sure about this reservation/internment camp they had going on,

but it was mostly peaceful bunnies. Lots and lots of bunnies.

Ah, it was so nice to be in the Land of Oz this afternoon.

Wait, what?



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