He’s no Brando

Call me cruel, but if this means no White Girls 2, I’m all for maintaining this situation as-is.


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Not in Kansas, etcetera, etcetera

I have a feeling nobody is going to understand this reference, but in my afternoon walk today I stumbled upon Bunnybury – a place where rabbits rule.

There were other inhabitants there, to be sure. I hadn’t expected the armed guard to look like they did

and I’m not sure about this reservation/internment camp they had going on,

but it was mostly peaceful bunnies. Lots and lots of bunnies.

Ah, it was so nice to be in the Land of Oz this afternoon.

Wait, what?


Wise quacker

I just found a cartoon where Wilma Flintstone is trapped in the body of a kangaroo. Here, take a gander*:

*Yes, I know Yakky is a duck, not a goose, but “take a drake” just doesn’t sound right.

Princess Lolli

Ever since I read a couple of books on the history of candy bars in the United States, I’ve been trying to figure out a way to sell regional treats so that Angelenos can get a steady source for Valomilk and Charleston Chews and Goo Goo Clusters. I thought I might get a little vehicle and drive around or set up retrofitted vintage cigarette machines in local knick knack shops, but neither of those options seem commercially viable at the moment. I still really want to do it, though, especially since I found my perfect seller’s uniform:

Look. Seriously.

Maybe I could turn this into some sort of long-term performance art project. Anybody know a good grant writer?

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Chilly con Fred

When I was in high school, I had a Dodge Dart that was nicknamed The Chiller for some reason. If that car were still around, I might suggest to Fred’s owner that he look for him in there.


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Rubelia ballet

You can always tell a proper castle by the inability of an amateur photographer to capture its magnificence. Albeit one made of bottles and bike parts and discarded telephone poles, Rubel Castle in Glendora is a proper castle.

I didn’t get a proper photo of the windmill, the fake cemetery, the old caboose, the bottle house, or the Round Table, but here’s the drawbridge. The cannons on top were made by hollowing out some telephone poles. Michael Rubel and his friends shot oranges into the neighborhood sometimes.

Let’s go inside and see more terrible photos that I took.

I didn’t get any photos of the machine shop, the blacksmith shop, or the bird bath that was powered by a very loud 16-ton single piston oil pump, but here’s where the bee hives were kept.

And here’s the clock tower. It was much more impressive in real life. The clock struck eleven when we were there and we got to see the weights whirl around and everything. I did take a photo of that but it came out all blurry.

Finally, I didn’t get any shots of the dumbwaiter Dwight Eisenhower got stuck in, the table Sally Rand danced on for a ten-year-old boy’s birthday party, nor the room Prince Philip liked to hang out in. Here’s a motorcycle stuck in a wall.

And I can’t remember what happened in here. This might have been the queen’s private quarters.

I will never make a proper docent. Let’s just wrap up my lame tour of the incredible Rubel Castle, shall we? Someday maybe I will share with you my terrible photos of the fantastical Schloss Nymphenburg.

An early birthday present

What Leo doesn’t need a large painting of a small lion in a folding chair?


Found at the side of the road, no less. Magnificent.

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Navy cavy

The last time I posted something about guinea pigs was one year and one day ago. I don’t know if this means anything.



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Catch of the day

No offense to the voice talent, but I think the best Swifty and Shorty cartoon is this one where they don’t speak.

Not a catamaran

A cat on a boat is supposed to be lucky, but maybe it’s not so lucky to have two cats on a boat.



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